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The Goon 44 Translated cause Powell is an asshole sometimes


the return of the Lizard Man !
Gross vs the lizard man cockfighting devil !
beautiful women , horny men !
big tits and many falls !

Page 2
hear these watches are soaked ! Tell me what law prevents wet sell watches ? Ah ! I here pass through as a dwarf in the underbelly of a giant cow! Horned concealment !

Page 3
Now escapes at night to calm dogs humping much ! Can your private is healthy! Nothing wet watches! You say that you, senor important border patrol ! Ah ! A lizard man ! Run for your lives ! Gah ! Lizard Man is always despised by sniffers end ! I can heat overwhelms the arm pit of smelly goat. I love chicken!

Page 4
Oh , big lizard man! Tell us what you want to change leave us alone ! Wish you all the camel ! Turtles to bother much like rabbits in the rain! My sexuality can not be contained by you people do stupid things ! What ! I do not understand ! What he says makes no sense , lizard man! Click nonsense people !! Overhand and not in the way ! My sex is ready to breastfeed in many hand - laden milk jugs appetite. Please lizard man! Do not understand ! What the hell is talking ?! Do not understand the ! It is a retarded lizard man! Breasts ! Lizard man like many big breasts !! Fever ! Run! The lizard man is crazy about breasts!

Page 5
Ah ! Sweet Gloria has come to me, woman monkey big breasts ! I love you! It is mine ! A woman steals ! Quickly, I beat with sticks

Page 6
Official ! A lizard man breasts Grain hungry stealing a woman! Are you talking about !?! Hungry Lizard Man breasts! ! Lizard man! Gah ! Stupid things people do with their sticks hitting monkey ! It's gone, you rotten cheese lickers mule ! What happens here ?

Page 8
What happens here ? We scared the lizard man sticks and saved the woman with big breasts of his lust!

Page 9
Ah my dear ! Mine will be to wallow in the mud of pig! Barro pork ! Barro pork Sexy - time!

Page 10
Come to me! We scared the lizard man sticks and saved the woman with big breasts of his lust! Ah ! The stupid monkey people have bellies as cows can not stop my procreation

Page 12
Gah ! My monkey - brained fish enemies are on me like stink ! Ah ! It beats me how I was a no-brainer bastard child ! The pain !

Page 13
Tell me, mommy ... you want to get to know in biblical sense

Page 14
Always with pain to the head ! Gah ! you monkey cheese - filled hair ! the lizard man should always feel so much pain ? It is difficult for the lizard man be so lonely . Maybe the lizard man just for being freaked ? Of course not ! The lizard man is no patsy cline only lizard man alone.

Page 15
It's hard for the lizard man lizard loved man just wants love and breasts. But the ruffian bad head lizard man.

Page 16
The lizard man must break his face with vengeful goats Just love the Lizard Man just a little ... Now smash faces with goats for revenge !

Page 17
I love movie frankenstein sexing nosed man in the back parts !

Page 18
Stay away from my daughter , small insect eyes ! Lizard men and hot gringos ! What next? Beware the gallows ! Ah ! Has a goat!

Page 19
Le aplasatare ! The milk - breasted woman is mine!

Page 20
Ah ! Comes with my chickens!

Page 21
The ape-man battle big lizard goat man with a chicken!
Well I'm not even with my goat !

Page 22
Lizard Man is single broken dreams. I will live in the land with mules and rats now . I belly crawl away like the worm 's anus dog. sadness


She likes to watch her mud wrestling while she has that expression on her face..

Her fingers glow inappropriately while Maleficent watches Aurora sleep..

Aurora wants to live in the BUSHES of Maleficent instead of a PHALLIC castle..


GQ Awards 2014

Happy by Pharrell Williams featuring Monkey from Monkey and coW productions.

Asami needs to marry me!!

Sometimes the best expressions on this show are so fast!!


Batman Assault on Arkham [Spoilers] or that time Batman just watched those cops get murdered to stay undercover…

Thank You Brandon For YJ Cameos in Scooby Doo WWE!!

Meanwhile in other YJ news, a ball completely dropped by all other comic news outlets (specifically bleeding cool who anounced there was going to be one..) Teen Titans Go YJ crossover!!  So like if there’s an insane increase in Nielson/of downloading that episode from itunes will it be noticed?

Pretty Good red Carpet premiere if I do say so myself.  I did like how I got Chris Pratt to sign the Lego variant of Rocket Raccoon :D

vin diesel with fans at the london premiere of guardians of the galaxy

Lol the picture of Vin Diesel sitting on my arm has so many likes (I am under his right armpit)