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JLA: Year One

I distinctly recall being amazed by this series when I was younger.  I think alot of it was probably the quality of the paper for the price (remember when paper felt like paper), and the colours (similar to images glossyness).  But now, well it;s not bad, it still has its innocence, it still has a good storytelling structure but the art (we all know he can do better now) wasn’t stylised enough to stand the test of time as well!  It’s good, but at times comes off sketchy, and the ending feels less epic, at least in my mind.  But still miles better then current Justice League.  When u see those characters u recognise who they are, and it’s character driven, now it;s not like u know their characters, u see what they represent but somehow hollow.. especially Superman!!  I think outside the Vertigo books, I don’t even seem to get any DC books anymore, ad I buy 3, count em, 3 Marvel book (Ms Marvel, Avengers Undercover, Thor).  Infact lets see what I buy and why.

Avengers Undercover - I know it gets alot of hate, but sometimes, u just don;t care about the critics.

Ms Marvel - Even if it had bad critics idon;t think they could stop me from buying the first arc, however if the ending sucks..

Thor - Finally that aweful Lord of the Rings arc is over I can start reading it again!  (Generally read in completions)

They’re good they’re pretty Good.

Now debating whether I should continue getting Coffin Hill, Hinterkind, 

This week’s Pulllist

Thor Frozen Music Video

Do you want to build a Snowman



Silver Surfer -Cartoony
Ghost Rider - Odd but engaging
Survive 1 - of the fittest
Winter Soldier The Bitter March - Too much commentary over the failing governingship of Capitalism And Communism ideologies, I thought this was a superhero book!
Captain America Homecoming 1 - Terrible, Van Lente u use to be so good!  What happened to your writing!?!?!?  Falcoln back-up, he’s such a Jive brother.. that has an astonishing similarity to Muhammad Ali
Magneto 1 - Nother Jive brother, man that guys intensely narrating to himself like all the time???
Moon Knight 2 - I like the first 8 pages, very cleaver Mr Ellis, not a bad lil stand alone story for $2.99!!
Sidekick 6 - On one part it’s like good, but like on another part, has he gone insane, and, into a relationship so fast???
USM 200 - Nyce little memorial for Ultimate Peter Parker sniff
Superior Foes The art.. its really annoying, not the right kind of story/brand for it at all!!  9 was really funny thou..
Shotgun Wedding 1 - He’s a very good artist, and I quite enjoyed with layouts finished page comparrison, too bad it’s $3.00 for 20 pages!!!
Trillium 8 - Very moving
The Field 1 - Now this is a book with the kind of ornary insane folks with gritty noirism that reminds me of stray bullets I can get into!!
Juice Sqeezers - not enough juice is being squeezed
Earth 2 22 - Just as I thought I could enjoy this.. GL comes back!!

Drawing in A3 takes soooo long!!  Better Jack Kirbyesque

Jack Kirby esque, its fast!  First attempt, but I just can;t think what design to put on cheast

Jack Kirby esque, its fast!  First attempt, but I just can;t think what design to put on cheast



Nyce little podcast interviewing Neal Adams. Highlights:  He covers how he brought contracts into the business helping artists get their work back and companies to stop disposing them via scissors.  How he created and got Julie Schwartz to get rid of Green Lantern John Stewart’s original slave name Lincoln Washington.  It’s pretty interesting.

I got to direct a bit!!

So there we are in the studio and these guys couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the fight scene, I was like totally facinated by this (though I was part of something called Jorget dancing), and I was watching it for ages and they couldn’t figure what to do to make the scene work/look more real.  And I was like forget the kick and use the mommentum for the throw, this is how you bring up your speed, don’t worry about hitting him just aim above the shoulder and cross to four inches away from his face* and practice a couple times and it’ll work!  And it worked!!!  Felt like Joss Whedon when thy flew him in to make the scene from Thor work.

Small victories!!  *The things you can learn when you type screen fighting into youtube.

Psych Finale

That awkward momment when u find out the last episode was leaked.. but you don’t want to watch it till next week because ur not ready to let go yet ..also 720p..

And did anyone else watch last nights episode, man what a mindf*ck, like a day in the life of Gus directed by Shaun.. it gave me what I wanted lots of Character momments, course then there was the adverse affect of cathertic nightmares all night :S