Midhat Industries

Asami needs to marry me!!

Sometimes the best expressions on this show are so fast!!


Batman Assault on Arkham [Spoilers] or that time Batman just watched those cops get murdered to stay undercover…

Thank You Brandon For YJ Cameos in Scooby Doo WWE!!

Meanwhile in other YJ news, a ball completely dropped by all other comic news outlets (specifically bleeding cool who anounced there was going to be one..) Teen Titans Go YJ crossover!!  So like if there’s an insane increase in Nielson/of downloading that episode from itunes will it be noticed?

Pretty Good red Carpet premiere if I do say so myself.  I did like how I got Chris Pratt to sign the Lego variant of Rocket Raccoon :D

vin diesel with fans at the london premiere of guardians of the galaxy

Lol the picture of Vin Diesel sitting on my arm has so many likes (I am under his right armpit)

Girly Guy Problems

When you meet new people and they instantly think you’re flirty..

Reactionary thoughts when you find out things..

Normally I’d say the most appropriate course of action would be, since the complaint wasn’t even made on his own show would be to reprimand him, and her to sue him.  Then you find out he has a history of it, making the workplace dangerous, ok then you fire him.  Then you find out he has a mental illness, then you unfire him until a doctor says he is not fit to work, especially if the higher ups know this has happened before, mandatory sickleave.  Otherwise you know sue the doctor.  However saying mental illness is not an excuse is redundent and pointless.  Waiting for a doctor’s note makes more sense.  Especially publlically from a doctor, so if the doctor lies or makes a mistake we know who to scrutinize.

Now on to Season 2 and to discover if it dips in quality.  I’m a pessimist today!

Basic Stunts Fight Showreel