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When you meet new people and they instantly think you’re flirty..

Reactionary thoughts when you find out things..

Normally I’d say the most appropriate course of action would be, since the complaint wasn’t even made on his own show would be to reprimand him, and her to sue him.  Then you find out he has a history of it, making the workplace dangerous, ok then you fire him.  Then you find out he has a mental illness, then you unfire him until a doctor says he is not fit to work, especially if the higher ups know this has happened before, mandatory sickleave.  Otherwise you know sue the doctor.  However saying mental illness is not an excuse is redundent and pointless.  Waiting for a doctor’s note makes more sense.  Especially publlically from a doctor, so if the doctor lies or makes a mistake we know who to scrutinize.

Now on to Season 2 and to discover if it dips in quality.  I’m a pessimist today!

Basic Stunts Fight Showreel

This past month in TV and Comics Fandom

The Flash TV Series gets leaked - Not bad, lots of potential, let’s get rid of Iris.  Characters whose dialogue can be copied and pasted from hundreds of other TV show scripts are not inspired.  Otherwise very very good.

Constantine - Very very expositional.. should have been more of a quiet slow atmospheric episode, like a horror film.  Give it a an episode or two more to let it come to grips, hopefully abandon the formulae structure and co-op into it’s own personality. 

Community - Is back, Harmon knew it and was holding it back, the stinker!  Makes you think though, so many articles from sites giving Community a fond farewell saying it’s probably time for it to end.. had very little effect on anyone whatsoever, like whatever a site says had very little power in the grand scheme of things or at least in the community.

Lobo - Theres a new series about the Main Man which explores the life he led before he became a cold calculating mercyless killer, about his life, his lover, his kids.  Apparently it will avoid the one trick pony element of the original incarntion of Lobo by Alan Grant, which was apparently his downfall as a character.  Well as long as their series lasts longer than 60 issues, what they just said should not end up being incredibly embarrassing.

Waaaiiit a seccoonnnddd

Jul 1 - FINAL ADD-ON REWARDS IN UPDATE 26: For our final 24 hours, we’ve added limited edition DODOcases, Picnic Blankets, downloadable episodes of the original series and a live online event with Donald Glover & LeVar… from a boat!


Ms Marvel 5 ..I am starting to have issues with this book

It wasn’t until the last page it daawned on me.. I’m reading about a Supehero ..from New Jersey .. whose battling a gang ..whose main preoccupation involves robbing convience stores ..yet have multimillion doller flyinang “bird” robots .. and the main bad guy is (Spoiler) .. Chicken Boo!!

Chicken fucking Boo!!  I hate that motherfucker, always pissing about under disguises and alliasus, trying be county and western singers, trying to be fucking Captain of industry and/or military.  That fucker need to go down, get taken down and spitroasted that motherfucker!!

Fucking chicken Boo has to go fucking go down!


"I am very pleased that Community will be returning for its predestined sixth season on Yahoo. I look forward to bringing our beloved NBC sitcom to a larger audience by moving it online. I vow to dominate our new competition. Rest easy, Big Bang Theory. Look out, Bang Bus!"

Yeaaaaah!!!  They’ll be a Bang Bus Themed episode!

Annie!  Annie!  Annie!

5 CM Per Second..

Does anyone else think someone should have commited this depressed and emotionally self destructive kid to a I dunno therapest?

Come on he depresses every girl he’s around, the first girl, the girl in the second one, hell even his ex in the 3rd and then the only time he smiled is when he sees the first girl on the eve of her wedding run away from him!!  he’s sick!!!


everyone on tumblr be like



everyone on tumblr be like


Monkey asks Shaggy Doo Interpretator (voice actor) a question!